We Can Help

We are a drawing institute that has been catering to such needs for the past few years. Instead of just teaching art and drawing, we target adults and teenagers who are bound to have issues in their lives. Our aim is to help these people without having to send them for professional counseling. Though such counseling sessions ca be very useful, it sometime breaks down a vulnerable person. This is because it is general human tendency to not accept you need help. When you are given the help you require, you are taught to reject it and handle the issues yourself.

Drawing is perfect for such people too. You can draw and pain in your own house, tear up the end result or hang it on the wall. No one will question you are ask you to do something more or less. This helps a person handle stress more constructively.

We have a number of tie ups with professional artists who conduct regular classes and workshops. When you approach us, we will give you suggestions based on your need and out availability. We will first talk to you and help you find out where the problem is and what needs to be dealt with. Based on these analyses by a professional psychologist, we will suggest drawing classes.

Start drawing today and leave all your stress behind.