To Destress

When you draw, you let go of your feelings and your creative mind starts working. You tend to forget the stress of everyday life and issues that are affecting your current life. When you draw, the negative energy and emotions are all focused on the paper.

One need not necessarily draw something nice and pleasant. People with anger issues can be seen to draw images that depict their inner feelings. Drawing helps you deal with such negativity and bring out all those emotions, when you have difficulty in dealing with it.

Also, when you draw, your mind calms down and you feel relaxed. When a person is in a relaxed state of mind, majority of his problems are solved and he comes up with a calmer way to handle the current situation. Many issues are because of our reactions to it. When we are overly stressed, we react rather harshly and without thinking about the consequences. When the mind is calm, we are seen to handle the situation much better and everyone benefits from it.

Many therapists and counselors help their patients by calming them down. Some will need a person to talk to, some will need to express their feeling through words or art and some will need group therapy. However, art is one form that is practiced by many professional counselors as it has a positive impact on a person’s mind.