If you are wondering what you can draw, to reduce your stress or handle your emotional situation better, draw anything! Anything you draw that makes you feel better is good. There is no requirement or rules as to what has to be drawn and what materials have to be used.

Colors are majorly used in such therapies as colors not only calm your mind but also express the inner feeling. The choice of your colors can tell a lot about your personality and the inner emotions one is going through.

If you like colors, try experimenting with different materials. Color pencils may be the cheapes and easiest option available in the market but painting can be very soothing for some. The act of taking the paint ,dilutiong it, mixing it with other colors to come up different shades can calm your minds to a great extent. Seeing soothing colors can have a calming effect on the mind.

This is why people are advised to use “cool” colors around them. Different color families have different impact on a person’s mind. When these colors are used by an individual, it helps them bring out the inner emotion and when such emotions are “spent” they calm down and rationalize better.